Shipping Policy

We appreciate that you are patiently waiting for the ordered styles to be shipped to you as soon as possible. Our Customer Service & Warehouse staff works rigorously to ensure that we can put a smile on your face. Our staff conducts several quality tests and assures that we produce the optimal packaged product for you in the shortest possible time.

We will share daily updates of your order from shipment to fulfillment via Email & SMS information given by you when you place your order. We process and ship every order within 24 hours. Your order will be shipped within 3-5 business days depending on your place in India. In some cases, it may take longer to receive your shipment depending on your accessibility.

Shipping to Indian consumers is free of charge on orders*. ( Excluding some products )

Unfortunately, we are unable to redirect orders until the goods have been delivered from our warehouse. We, therefore, ask you to have an appropriate shipping address so that we can supply as per the delivery plan.

Customers are told here that we use third-party delivery providers for the logistics of parcel orders. In unexpected and unfortunate situations where courier providers fail to recognize the consumer's claims for inaccurate or faulty distribution or forfeiture of packages, luxuryashopping shall not be kept responsible for any loss until the following advice is followed by the customer.

If the parcel is received in tampered condition, the customer shall refuse to accept the parcel from the courier person.

Even if the parcel is intact, the Customer ought to video-record the act of opening the received parcel as proof of any unforeseen and unfortunate case of receiving wrong or missing products inside parcels.

In case of customer denying receiving the parcel while the courier company shows the parcel to be delivered, the customer needs to raise the issue within 48 hours of the delivery message. we will share Proof of Delivery (POD) with the customer after receiving it from the courier company. Even after sharing POD, if the customer refuses to accept the authenticity of the shared POD, We can only assist the customer in raising the concern with the concerned courier company.

If the order is canceled, misplaced, or not shipped to your preferred location, we will refund the entire order price, plus any delivery costs, if paid online.

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