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What is a saree?

A saree, also known as a sari, is a long strip of unstitched fabric covered by Indian women; it literally typifies Indian women and exemplifies the overwhelming variety of Indian society as a whole. The word “Sari” is derived from Sanskrit, and it may have referred to anything similar to the modern saree. Another interesting thing is that the Indian saree is ended that hangs backward from the shoulder is known as the Pallav, Pallu, or Anchal. Indian saree is world-famous for its style.

A saree is usually six to nine yards in length and can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the wearer’s native country and fashion sense. A saree is usually tucked in at the waist and wound around the body with pleats in the middle, with the other end folded loosely over the left shoulder, revealing the midriff.

Types of saree in India

  • Kanjeevaram saree

Kanjeevaram sarees are traditional bridal sarees from Tamil Nadu that have been embraced all over the world for special occasions. The Indian saree is made from pure mulberry silk thread and has an innate charm and beauty. The Indian sarees have a signature gold shimmer to enhance their appearance.

Kanjeevaram also produces religious motifs based on temples and mythological myths. A Kanjeevaram saree’s pallu is typically a contrast color that adds flavor to the drape’s texture.

  • Nauvari saree

The Nauvari is a traditional Indian saree that originated on the west coast. The name of this saree comes from the saree’s length, which is nine yards.

Nauvari has a very distinct draped look known as the “kashta” style, in which the saree’s border is tucked in at the rear.

The Nauvari Saree is a sign of bravery since the draping style started with Maratha woman warriors who wore the saree in a dhoti style, allowing them to ride horses and battle with ease.

  • Bandhani saree

Gujarat is famous for its tie and dye Bandhani printed saree.

Bandhani Sarees come in a variety of colors and designs, but they all share the same age-old belief: they offer a bride good fortune and a bright future.

The production of a Bandhani Saree is a time-consuming process that includes hand-dying. Bandhani is a delectable ethnic style of saree that conjures up grand images of Gujarati and Rajasthani culture. Buy Indian saree Online.

Bandhani sarees, a very fragile fiber, are stored with great care and maintained over time.

  • Tant saree

The Tant saree stands out of all the various styles of sarees in India. This red and white saree from Bengal epitomizes beauty. Every Bengali woman’s wardrobe must include a saree. Tant is made of very breathable cloth, making it suitable for wearing in humid weather.

This traditional Indian saree had zari work with a heavily crafted pallu, but hand-printed Tant sarees are common nowadays.  Durga Pujo, Diwali, and other festive occasions are common times to wear a Bengali saree.

  • Banarasi saree

Among the various types of sarees from various states, the Banarsi saree is one of the most common. These silk sarees, all the way from Varanasi, are famed for their designs and motifs.

Originally, the Banarsi saree was only made for royalty and was woven with pure gold and silver threads. Many variants of the Banarsi make up some of the best indian sarees in India today, but its charm has not been lost. Because of the finesse with which it is made, many Bollywood celebrities have worn Banarasi Sarees on important occasions. You can also try the latest Bollywood saree collection.

How to wear a saree perfectly step by step

Step 1: Begin at the pallu end (plain) and tuck your sari into the fag end (waist skirt) near your belly button. Swaddle from the left side, finishing the whole round from behind before you hit the starting point.

Step 2: Tuck around the hip, moving to the right side of the neck, and start the pleats about the size of a finger stretch from forefinger to thumb. 

Step 3: Pull the saree up to the front. Depending on the content, make anywhere from 5-8 pleats (about 5-8 inches wide). Bring them together and tuck the pleats into the skirt behind the belly button, securing them with a safety pin on the left side of the waist. This trick will keep your Indian saree in place as you step about.

Step 4: This leaves you with only the pallu. You may now either let it drift (short or long floating) or pleat it together.

Step 5: To achieve a floating look, simply carry the pallu from under the right arm to the left side of your shoulder and pin it on the left shoulder while making vertical pleats for pallu. If you choose, you can hold it at the forearm or let it flow to the edge. It is entirely your decision.

Step 6: Bring the pallu from under the right arm and make vertical pleats (about 5-6 inches) with the border (if any), beginning from the first pleat to create a pleated look. Pin it to your shoulder and continue down the length of the saree.

Step 7: Pin it near the left shoulder, leaving a meter distance between them. You can also find a long pallu and let it run all the way down your shoulder.

Apply the finishing touches with pretty makeup and a glamorous hairstyle that complements your saree drape and style.

Get ready to wear a saree on next occasion

Any Indian function or case necessitates the wearing of special apparel. If the event has an ethnic theme, party wear sarees are the right option. A weekend party is best appreciated when dressing elegantly in a Indian saree. Sarees bring out the best of women of all ages, from young girls to elderly women. Partywear sarees are available in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors at Luxuriashopping. You may also select designer Indian sarees with a ton or no embellishment for parties. Choose saree fabrics and materials depending on the occasion and time of the party.

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