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What is a lehenga?

Style has been around since the start of history. From the ancient medieval period to the present era. Indian fashion has genuinely evolved from ancient times to contemporary times while keeping culture, customs, and race in mind. It is difficult to select from the vast array of dresses and fashion available in India. Still, the Indian people have arisen, and the lehenga choli has been voted the second-best formal dress after the sari. Brides are going for lehenga cholis as their wedding dress. This is simply due to the fact that lehengas and the dress are far easier to wear and are much more comfortable. It is the dress of most women, whether they are going to a wedding, a dance, or a get-together.

Lehengas are ankle-length pleated skirts that are fastened at the waist. The skirt is graceful and elegant, with a flare that coils around the wearer. Traditionally, all Indian lehengas were umbrella-shaped skirts. However, in the fashion industry today, there are various shapes of lehengas that give the ethnic dress a new look.

Types of lehenga

  • Straight cut lehengas
  • Fish tail lehengas
  • Mermaid lehengas
  • Paneled lehengas
  • Kali ghagras lehengas
  • Circle lehengas
  • A-line lehengas
  • Lehengas with a complete flourish

History of lehenga

This gown has come straight from the Mughal’s houses. Indian Lehenga choli has traveled a long way from the glorious courts of the Mughal Empire to superior Indian women’s wear. This dress is every woman’s first choice for every reason. It’s interesting to read about the history of the lehenga choli, which suggests that it was first worn by women during the Mughal period.

There has been very little change in the way a lehenga choli is presented throughout history. In fact, standard patterns from the golden Mughal period are still used by leading manufacturers today. The line also includes a traditional long skirt known as a lehenga, a blouse known as a choli, and a dupatta. The fabrics used to make the lehengas are the same as those used during the reign of the great Mughal King Akbar, which are silk and brocade. The dupatta is now made of silk, linen, or chiffon, which is a recent development.

Ghaghra choli and lehenga choli

With a few exceptions, Indian Lehenga Choli and Ghaghra-Choli are very close. Previously, these dresses were worn on a regular basis, without the beauty and glamour quotient that they now have. Women used to wear them on a regular basis because they were comfortable and easy to wear.

The ghagra choli is now the traditional dress of historical Rajasthan and Gujarat. Cotton fabrics embellished with embroidery and mirror work are preferred by the ancestral people. The blouses are very colorful and have intricate mirror-work and patchwork on them. The royals, on the other hand, choose thickly embroidered lehenga cholis in brocade, tanchori, and even silver and gold brocade with costly studded jewels. The length of a tribal embroidered lehenga ranged from the knees to the ankles, while a wealthier person’s lehenga was always long enough to brush the floor as they moved.

You can wear lehenga choli on all occasions

Traditional attire is worn at weddings and festivals such as Navratri, Eid, and Dusshera, as well as dandia, sangeet, and Mehendi rasam. This traditional dress is useful during the festival, particularly during the wedding ceremony. The Indian lehenga choli accentuates the essence of feminism.

You can also choose

Bridal lehenga choli

Indian bridal lehenga choli is traditionally made of fabrics such as silk, crepe, georgette, satin, and various handloom fabrics that come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and shapes.

The bridal lehenga-cholis, with its glittering and shimmering mirror work, is breathtaking. The blouses are very bright and lively, with intricate mirror-work and patchwork. Along with beadwork, sequence work and handwork are in high demand. Designer Indian bridal wear comes in a variety of shapes and prices. The elegantly embroidered lehenga choli provides a rather classy and urbane appearance.

The designer lehenga is the ideal outfit for wedding guests because it provides them with a variety of options and styles. Lehengas are easier to transport and are suitable for Mehendi or ladies’ sangeet activities. These dresses are ideal for performing in a dance piece and being the center of attention as bridesmaids at a friend’s wedding. 

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